Acne Trigger Diets : Reduce or Avoid Them to Get Rid of Your Pimples!

acne trigger dietsWhat do you think would the cause of pimples on the face? It is true that it appears because we have a change of hormones when entering adolescence. It is also true that it appears because we are under a lot of stress. However, both are not the only causes of pimples. Even our chosen diets can trigger their appearance on the face. Let’s see some of acne trigger diets here that you might not expect to be the cause before.

Cow’s Milk

Do you like milk? Well, everyone likes milk anyway. However, you must know that even cow’s milk can become trigger diet for acne. First, cow’s milk increases the inflammation of pimples by spiking blood sugar. Second, it triggers oil production by increasing insulin levels. Third, it can block spores due to the overgrowth of skin cells that is caused by growth hormones inside the cow’s milk. There sure is more than one reason to avoid it.


Everyone loves chocolate. But, it is not the kind of diets you should be overindulged to. People who are dieting tend to avoid it. No matter how you look at it, chocolate is undeniably high in sugars after all. High-sugar or high-fat diets are known for being able to increase oil production and promote inflammatory. Eventually, they can lead to the appearance of acne on the face. Thus, chocolate includes as one of foods that trigger acne.

Spicy Foods

Most people in this world like to eat spicy foods. But, even this kind of foods is one ofacne trigger diets too. It is true that even based on some studies, it is hard to tell the cause of acne from the diets we consume. However, it has been researched on some patients that foods filled with spices, especially the hot ones can make the acne on face even worse. It must have been able to encourage inflammatory response too. So, spicy foods are the trigger as well.

White Rice

Did you know? Even white rice includes as one of high-glycemic foods. The kind of foods like this is the one that can increase the level of sugar in your blood. You must have known that high insulin levels can trigger inflammatory response which will eventually end up in releasing acne-promoting hormones. That is why you need to watch out not to eat white rice too much as part of your diets. Don’t be overindulged to it even if it is your main food every day.

There you go. Those are some of the diets that you need to pay attention to not eat too much. It is even better to avoid them as much as possible. They are all capable of increasing insulin levels in the body which will just encourage the inflammatory reaction. Sooner or later, you will end up having acne here and there on your face if you eat those acne trigger diets above too much. Make sure to consume them moderately.

Description: Acne trigger diets can be as simply as cow’s milk, chocolate, spicy foods, and white rice. They have the ability to increase insulin levels and encourage inflammatory that can lead to acne in the end.

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