Different Types of Acne and How to Treat Them

Acne breakouts, like any other skin condition comes in different kinds. It ranges from moderate to severe cases. It is crucial to know the various kinds of acne so that you’ll have an idea on how you can treat your acne based on how mild or severe the situation may be. While those suffering from mild cases of acne breakouts could treat their acne woes simply by themselves, those affected by the severe case of acne must visit a skin professional or dermatologist for effective and safe treatment.

Different Types of Acne

The most common form may be the Acne Vulgaris. Under this sort, you can still discover two sub-categories: the mild to moderate and also the severe type. The mild to moderate kind of acne vulgaris is seen as a popular acne spots like the whiteheads, blackheads, papules, as well as pustules. These types of acne might be treated by simply washing the face area and using facial soap that is fit to treat mild type of acne.

Under the severe type of acne vulgaris, you will find nodules, and cysts. Nodules are hard lumps occurring underneath the top of skin and consist of acne spots that are bigger than blackheads or even papules. This type of acne could last for many months and is very painful. Cyst acne, however, is similar to nodule except that it’s more pus-filled and is usually as large as 5mm in diameter or even more. Scarring is very common with this kind of acne and is quite painful too. Dermatologist’s help is highly recommendable for these kinds of acne vulgaris.

Another kind of acne is the Acne breakouts Rosacea. This form of acne breakouts usually occurs among people older than 30, mostly among ladies. It is often seen as red rashes on the actual cheeks, forehead, nose, as well as chin, and occasional look of pimples and pores and skin blemishes. If left without treatment, acne rosacea could cause swelling from the nose and the development of excess tissue, the industry condition called rhinophyma. If you feel you are suffering through acne rosacea, it is advisable in order to consult a skin expert or dermatologist so it may be treated right away to prevent further infection and damages for your skin.

Now let’s navigate to the severe cases. These kinds of acne might rarely occur however they pose a serious treat towards the skin of the person struggling with it. Under this type you’ll find Acne Conglobata. This severe type of acne commonly affects males, usually between ages eighteen to 30. It is seen as a numerous large lesions that are usually interconnected, alongside pimples outbreak. Acne conglobata occurs about the face, chest, back, bottom, upper arms, and actually thighs. One way to deal with this acne form is to apply isotretinoin, though it may also be resistant to treatment.

Acne Fulminans is another type of severe acne which is seen as a sudden appearance associated with acne conglobata and associated with fever and aching important joints. This type of acne doesn’t respond well to antibiotics, however, you can try to make use of Isoretinoin and oral steroids.

Another rare but severe acne condition may be the Gram-Negative Folliculitis. It is really a bacterial infection which is seen as a pustules and cysts. It is stated to be a complication the result of a long term treatment associated with acne vulgaris using antibiotics. In contrast to acne conglobata and fulminans, gram-negative folliculitis reacts well with isotretinoin remedy.

Pyoderma Faciale is another severe form which often affects women between age ranges 20 to 40. It is almost always accompanies by large unpleasant nodules, pustules, and sores and it is prone to scarring. It starts much unexpected and usually victimized women who’ve never experienced acne prior to. It lasts not greater than a year but it might lead to great damage to pores and skin, especially the face, that’s why it is necessary that you immediately seek the aid of your dermatologist if you have this sort of acne.

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