Myths and Misconceptions About Acne

There are numerous myths and misconceptions with relation to acne. Many of these rumors are in what does and does not truly cause acne. Diet, hygiene and sex will be common topics surrounding the wellness of acne. However, there are many other myths about acne.

Myths and Misconceptions About Acne

Acne outbreaks Diet Myth

For quite quite a long time people believed that foods for instance chocolate, French fries, poker potato chips and sugar among additional oily and sweet meals affected acne breakouts. However, recent studies cannot prove in either case whether such food affect acne at all. Most doctors now think that individuals who suffer from acne should try out their diets and observe in the event that any foods affect the severity from the acne and then avoid individuals foods. A recent study has come close to proving that milk usage causes high acne rates because of the hormone levels in the real milk. However, the study was unable to prove this without a question. Further research is required to find out whether high-glycemic meals or processed sugars possess any role in pimples.


Contrary to well-liked perception, hygiene isn’t brought on through deficient personal hygiene treatment or even dirt. Most of these myths probably come from the belief that acne involves skin bacterial bacterial infections. In reality, the blockage in the pores is caused deep within the narrow follicle channel where you can’t wash away the particles. The plugs are typically due to cells and sebum which are naturally created within your body. The bacterium that is associated with causing acne is always present about the person’s skin. While good regular hygiene may help reduce acne, it can’t avoid acne. Hygiene will simply reduce acne in several people and others will observe little variation despite hygiene. Additionally, anything more than a gentle cleansing could make the existing lesions even even worse and encourage new ones because of damages or over dried away skin.


Other myths that surrounds acne is the belief that celibacy or masturbation causes acne which intercourse can remedy it. However, there’s no scientific or medical evidence that could prove these myths because details. It is accurate however, that anger and stress make a difference a persons hormone levels and therefore, the bodies oil manufacturing, which in turn causes acne.

Acne breakouts from Tension

One from the less common myths is really that acne is due to stress. The regular stress that the individual faces every day doesn’t perform an important role in the reason behind acne. However, severe stress that requires medical attention and prescription medications might have acne like a side effect from the drug getting used to treat the strain. If you believe a individual, acne is caused with the drug you are taking then you certainly should talk with your physician and they can offer the best option on treatment for the acne.

Acne like a Aesthetic Disease

Another less common fantasy is that acne is caused by a cosmetic disease. This is true but only to a specific degree. Acne can affect how people look and it doesn’t pose a serious health threat with a person, which can allow it to become a cosmetic problem. Nevertheless, this isn’t accurate because acne can produce physical scares and could affect person’s social lives by affecting that they feel about themselves.

Remedy associated with Acne

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding treating acne is you’ll want to just let it operate it’s course. This isn’t true because as much people know today, acne might be cleared up using treatments of numerous kinds. If you have tried several products and don’t see your skin clearing up you can consult a dermatologist.

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