Past and Present Knowledge : Acne Treatment through Time and History!

Therapy Treatment for Cystic AcneLiving in nowadays era leading you into such overwhelming way of practicality and simplicity you can get. By some technology going around with human’s life, things are getting so easy. That easiness comes the same for acne treatment. We have various products that are piling up to be chosen and make us confuse to choose one because they have their very own specialties and offerings from ingredients to its reachable price. Even there are many beauty centers built within some cities and some dermatologist and skin specialists open in practice, ready to hear all your problem about acne.

However, have you ever wonder how if we live somewhere far away from this era, probably around the first world war or the industrial era in Europe where the smokes from many factories’ chimney pop out making the air so dirty and full of pollution? Have you ever wonder how they deal with the acne problem in those eras? Indeed we have made some researches about that as well as asking some dermatologists about the history of skin medication back then. Check them out if you wonder about it too much.

Acne treatment back in 1800s

The acne treatment back in this time is obviously different. It is even more painful and extreme method compared to today’s treatment with various methods which are almost giving your no pain at all. People back in 1800s are using sulfur as the acne medication. Just by imagining it, we already feel how much pain it would be!

Acne treatment back in 1900s

Within the era of 1900s, the medical knowledge is being established to the whole new level. Some inventions are built and some medications are created. People were begun to leave pure sulfur for acne medication, and they begin to use drying lotion. This lotions work as both acne cure as well as anti-bacterial which is contained some substances including sulfur itself.

The usage of drying lotion is actually begin to rise after the hilarious discovery in medical world about penicillin back in 1920s, where medical experts were thinking hard to figure out the medication that can help patients in war. However, the usage of penicillin itself that is included into some drying lotion formula was no longer efficient for acne due to some factor in skin condition that was not able to make penicillin to penetrate through the skin.

The medical discovery begins to be rocked again once one antibacterial and antibiotics called tetracycline is invented. This substance is even more powerful than the penicillin itself and it works well to penetrate the skin to get rid of the acne. The medical inventions are begin to develop more and more to create amazing cure and medications. The acne treatment was become more effective when people are adding the Vit-A Acid in late 1960s. This Retin A acid is so powerful to give hand in making the exfoliation within follicle become normal which is preventing more severe irritations and reducing blackhead shaping.

Description: acne treatment is various this days’ even it is over the counter to choose, however have you ever wondered how the acne problems were solved back then long time ago.

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