Popping Whiteheads How To Easily Pop A Zit

Popping a whitehead safely isn’t always an easy task and many people tend to not take the proper steps to popping the zit without potentially scarring their face. There are good ways and bad ways to do it and if you pop the pimple properly you will definitely see a solid recovery in less than 3 days.

Acne Scar Removal Treatment

We have compiled an effective step by step guide to popping a whitehead for quickest healing time.

  • Do not pick pimples that are not ready to be popped. If it is still a red bump and not a full blown whitehead it is not ready to be picked and will make the pimple much worse than if you never touched it. Always examine your blemishes to ensure that it is ready to be popped.
  • Next, make sure your hands are oil and dirt free. Scrub your hands so you don’t infect the pimple with more oil causing a greater infection.
  • Find a needle and pass the tip over a flame. The hottest part of the flame is right at the tip.
  • Never put a hot needle directly on your face. This is extremely dangerous and will burn your skin. Ouch. What you need to do is let your needle cool a little bit then take a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and disinfect the tip of the needle.
  • Take a new cotton ball and soak it in alcohol as well to use on the problem area on your face.
  • What you want to do now is keep the needle tip parralell to your face and impale the whitehead. You essentially want to go from top to bottom or side to side so you break both sides of the pimple. Do not pop it from the top. If you don’t see any pus come out you have popped a pimple that wasn’t ready to be popped and that’s a real no-no!
  • Take a clean warm cloth and apply pressure down around the pimple making sure not to squeeze because you don’t want to push it deeper into your skin causing an even bigger infection and potentially scarring your face.
  • Disinfecting the area is such a key part of this process. You absolutely need to get that bacteria out of the infected area so the whitehead can heal without any problems. Doing this will greatly reduce your healing time.
  • You have now successfully popped your whitehead and what I would suggest doing is applying a gentle acne spot treatment to the area. This will help with the healing as well as allow you to apply makeup and create a barrier from oil and dirt.

It is essential that you follow these steps very closely and ensure that your skin care regimen is top notch. If you have a pimple that has become an issue, we strongly recommend that you go see a dermatologist and have an expert take a look at it.

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