Q & A What Causes Adult Acne in Women

If you are an adult with acne you may be stunned and unsure what has caused this problem. In many adults, acne can develop as you get older, not as a teenager. When this happens these adults are unsure how to go about treating the symptoms. Furthermore, they are unsure what exactly has caused the acne in them at such an advanced age. The good news is that there are a few good reasons why acne develops in adults. If you know what the reasons are you will be able to understand why this has happened to you.

Q & A What Causes Adult Acne in Women

One of the biggest causes for acne in adults is pregnancy. If you have recently become pregnant you may begin to show signs of having acne. During the first three months or so of pregnancy is generally when acne is at its worse. This is the period when the hormones are at their worst. As these hormones fluctuate the body responds with the end result being acne. The thing to remember is that after the first three months the body will straighten itself out and the acne will begin to subside. In the meantime you may want to use all-natural soap or a product such as Zenmed Derma Cleanse.

Menstruation is another factor that can cause acne in some adult women. For whatever reason, the appearance of acne seems to be centered on the menstrual cycle. This has a lot to do with the hormones changing during this time period. If you notice a connection between your menstrual cycle and your acne then the best thing to do is contact your dermatologist. They may be able to give you some help in regard to eliminating this problem as it is somewhat predictable. Keep in mind that the symptoms start to disappear in most women after menstruation has subsided.

A final cause of acne in women is menopause. Believe it or not, menopause can really be harsh on the skin of a woman. In most cases the appearance of acne is mild but there are some causes where it becomes quote severe. No matter how bad the acne is, there is no doubt that it is an embarrassment if it develops later in life. If you have this problem you will need to see your doctor immediately. Situations like this can be delicate and needed handled with care as the body is in a somewhat fragile state during menopause.

Understanding what causes acne if you are a woman is important. By knowing what the potential pitfalls are you will be prepared to deal with them if they come up. If you take a chance and ignore some of these warning signs there is a chance that you can be surprised by acne as an adult. While this condition is usually mild and non-life threatening, it can cause embarrassment with your peers. Your doctor will be able to talk to you and provide some assistance should these problems begin to rise up and become an issue.

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