Reviewing About Photodynamic Acne Therapy

Photodynamic Acne Therapy

Maybe it is sounds not familiar. Not all people know the existence of this great therapy that can help you to fight with your acne. People mostly will choose therapy as not their number one options to diminish their acne. Some will stay on the natural, and homemade healing products and some other will stay to use medicated cream. Maybe treatment is infamous because of the price. Some of them offers you with the high price, so you will think twice before you do some treatment. Actually, what is a Photodynamic therapy acne?

Knowing the Photodynamic

 is one method to reduce your acne using light-induced incubation. This therapy will takes up to three hours of incubation time; in order to photosensitizing agents can be absorbed into your skin tissue, and your oil glands.

This therapy have two different lighting, and can gives different types of results. On mild acne cases, they can start with the blue light that have shorter wavelength. Blue light also suitable for some person that have thin layer of skin, so the light still can penetrate your pores easily. If your acne cases is severe (rough and raised area found on your skin), you will get the red light therapy. Red light therapy have longer wavelength and can penetrates your skin deeper than the blue one.

Known side effects

In contrary with some home medication, these types of therapy will often cause you some side effects. On some cases, some patients have an experience of pain during treatment. The side effects also will show after the usage of photosensitizers. You may experience skin redness, or even hyperpigmentation (darkening skin tissue). Patients will need to stay out of the sun (even bright indoor) for around two days after treatment. It needed as a prevention from over photosensitized skin.

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