Should You See Your Doctor About Your Acne?

You should see your doctor or a skin specialist if you suffer from severe acne. This severe condition is characterised by pustules and lesions and is the type of acne that often leaves scarring. More prevalent in young men than women, severe acne can have a devastating effect upon confidence and can lead to depression and other problems. When the pustules become infected, it causes medical problems as well.

Is prescription acne treatment the answer?

Prescription acne treatment is strong and can cause a range of serious and unpleasant side effects. You may be prescribed Roaccutane if you are suitable, or long-term antibiotics maybe prescribed in order to clear infection.

Neither of these treatments are desirable and although Roaccutane will clear acne in the majority of cases, antibiotics do not offer a permanent solution. Many people find that the acne returns once the course is finished.

You do not need to see your doctor for a mild to moderately severe acne condition. If you do, he or she will probably recommend that you try an over the counter acne treatment and there is a wide choice available. Despite the fact that acne is a common condition there is no fixed cure or agreement as to what is the best course of treatment.

However, it is essential that you use a treatment that clears the existing spots and keeps your skin clear from blocked pores.

Over the counter acne treatment

Benzoyl Peroxide is the active ingredient in many acne treatments and is effective at killing bacteria that gets deep down into the pores and causes the spots to develop. Benzoyl Peroxide does this very effectively but is too strong for some skins and when used at the high strength of many acne treatments, it causes the skin to dry out and in turn causes the increased production of sebum – the oil in the skin.

Oil A gentler alternative is to use a more natural product, which contains tea tree oil because this clears infection without damaging the PH balance of the skin or safe levels of Benzoyl peroxide.

The big problem with many over the counter acne treatments is that they are too harsh for delicate skins.

Clear Skin Max offers a permanent solution to acne. This six-step system uses tea tree oil and natural ingredients that help to sooth your skin and remove infection. Clear skin Max also targets the causes of acne and includes tava tea which helps regulate your hormonal activity.

Alternatively, Exposed Skin is a skin care regime that uses safe levels of Benzyl peroxide and includes natural ingredients that will nourish your skin and prevent the drying effect.

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