What Is Severe Acne and How Can I Treat It ?

What Is Severe Acne and How Can I Treat It – regarding acne, there are a few different stages that you need to know. If you understand what stage your acne is you will be able to treat it more effectively. The first stage is the least severe and is simply just clogged pores. When a pore gets clogged, you will get a pimple in that area.

Now, one pimple is no big deal at all. However, when multiple pores get clogged, this is when you will see a lot of pimples as well as experience a lot of discomforts. The next stage is the bacteria stage. This is when one of your pimples spreads to other pores in your face through the transmission of bacteria. The bacterium further clogs the pores up in the area and allows the acne to spread at a rapid pace.

The bacteria will continue to multiply and spread if it is not treated immediately. You will know that you are at this stage if the pimples on your face feel and look like open sores. The final stage of acne is inflammation. This is the most severe stage there is. After the bacteria begins to spread and the pores get clogged you will start to experience some discomfort and swelling in the infected area. The inflamed are can be very painful and can even scare over once the acne subsides.

It should be known that the effective treatment of acne could take anywhere between eight and twelve weeks. That said, if you use a product such as Zenmed Derma Cleanse there is a chance that you could speed the process up. If, however, you opt to use more traditional methods there will be a slow process that your acne will go through as it begins to clear. You also need to remember that in most cases the acne needs to run its course. As painful as it may be, if you just treat it and let it run its course, it will probably clear up over time.

When your acne begins to clear up the first thing that you will notice is that the swelling and tenderness will start to subside. As you initiate the treatment process, the first thing that is going to happen is the inflammation will begin to disappear altogether. This is because some of the pores are being unclogged which is giving the affected are some healthy skin in the area. Of course, the healthy skin won’t get inflamed.

Next, you will begin to see the pimples that are open start to close up and scab over. This will stop the spread of bacteria and help to reduce the acne that you have. Finally, you will see you acne reduced to just a few pimples. These pimples will ultimately begin to go away if you stay on your acne treatment plan. It should be noted that once your symptoms start to improve you need to stay on top of your medication plan. If you stop treating your skin, there is a chance that the condition could come back worse than ever.

Check out skin physician’s severe acne site for more details. From my experience, I have found that using Exposed Skin Care’s Acne Treatment provided me with the best results and brought my acne down to a tolerable level. It does work, and I do recommend it completely!

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