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Proper Acne Treatment

Actually, I am not writing it wrong. It is urine therapy acne. One big question; actually what kind of therapy it is? Actually, I am not kind of person that is interested with some useless rumors. All I like is everything that is based on the truth and science. When we are discussing about acne and other face diseases, I always referring it to something more fact, such as visiting dermatologist or using some medicated cream. I also greatly suggests you to make your own acne healing cream using simple material that you can find on your home. However, urine therapy is getting popular nowadays, so I would like to discuss about if further more.

Myth busters: Logical explanation

There are thousands of way that you will do to make your face free from acne. You will always looking for some miracle treatment that can help you to rid all of your acne spots for good. There are one unique, or so-called as strange method that can help you to get rid your acne. Urine therapy acne is sounds weird. Some dermatologist have done some tests about urine and they found something that is interesting.

Actually, your urine is consists with 95% of water, and there are large number of urea. We know that urea can act quite well as an exfoliate material. Urea is commonly used as the part of skin moisturizing and exfoliating material. Maybe it is just desperate times call for desperate measure. I mean, putting an urine on your face is not good enough. One good material does not mean that we can apply it anywhere that we want. I mean, all other healing alternatives are just better than this ‘natural’ healing method. For me, it is not great to use your own urine as one of your therapy for acne.

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