Treatments For Cystic Acne – How To Painlessly Get Rid Of Cystic Acne

Adult cystic acne is a huge problem for most of the people. It is painful, ugly and sometimes quite hard to find a treatment for cystic acne. Cystic acne is caused by a build up of bacteria and oil that have been pushed deep down into the pores. Cystic acne is also caused by hair follicles that have been embedded into the skin as well causing a painful pimple under the skin.


If you don’t take action against cystic acne as soon as possible, then you might end up with a pretty severe infection as the pus will go deeper into the skin and create an even bigger pimple. We have put together an easy list of things you can do right now to help treat your acne.

  • With an antibacterial soap, wash your hands and then wash your face. Washing your hands first will prevent the oils from your hands spreading all over your face. I usually try to do this about twice a day, but if I find it starts to irritate me, then I will scale it back to only once facial scrub a day to prevent the pimples from being aggravated and breaking out even more.
  • Get a clean face towel and get it as hot as you can. You don’t want to burn the pimples off, but you want it warm enough so you can apply it to your face and help the pores open and bring the pus closer to the surface. This will help ease the pus from a pimple under the skin.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is your secret weapon in this treatment for cystic acne. It is an essential acne medication and will work wonders to cure your cystic acne as quick as it came. If you’re wondering what benzoyl peroxide is, it is a potent chemical that is the base ingredient of many acne creams, treatments and products on the market today. It is great for removing all the bacteria from a pimple.
  • The last thing in my cystic acne regiment is to mix a little baking soda with hot water and apply it to your problem area. Baking soda is defiantly a great product that has many uses, and my family has been using this technique for a long time with lots of success. I honestly do think that it will help you regain control of your acne and if you do this a few times a week you can avoid having acne prone skin.

This is one of the home remedies for acne, and it does work. All you need is two ingredients that you can find on store shelves for cheap. I suggest you give it a try and start forgetting about all those other acne treatments.

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