What Can Make Acne Worse ?

Acne is a complex condition that is affected by more factors than you might think. Here are ten points that will make acne worse.

1/ Don’t pick or squeeze spots

It’s tempting to fiddle with a zit or try to squeeze a black head, but it will spread infection and only make it look worse.

2/ Don’t skimp on skin care

Establish a skincare routine and keep to it. Ensuring that your pores stay clear and unblocked prevent the build up of oil and the formation of spots. Products which contain natural ingredients such as tea tree oil have antibacterial properties that will not damage your skin.

3/ Avoid harsh skincare products

Products which contain high levels of Benzoyl peroxide can dry out the skin, cause redness and increase the production of sebum – actually making acne worse.

4/ Don’t ignore your diet

Certain categories of food stuff can trigger acne and may lie at the cause of your bad skin. We are all different, but many people find that cutting out hyper glycemic (high sugary high refined carbs) food will have a positive effect upon the skin. Eat healthily and make sure you get plenty of fruit, nuts and vegetables in your diet.

5/ Don’t skimp on water

Drinking at least 2 pints of water a day will help flush toxins from your system and rehydrate your skin.

6/ Don’t hide from outside

Getting outside in the fresh air stimulates vitamin D production which is essential for skin health. Make sure you wear sun protection, or it will make your acne worse.

7/ Don’t be afraid of making dietary changes

Try reducing your intake of dairy and red meat products and increase the amount of fish that you eat. Say goodbye to steaks and hello to seafood, ensure you eat a diet for clear skin!

8/ Get plenty of sleep and try to minimise stress

Fatigue and stress play havoc with your skin and learning how to relax and de-stress will improve your complexion. A good nights sleep is one of the best things you can do for your acne.

9/ Caffeine can make acne worse

Drinking too much coffee affects your metabolism and your hormonal activity. Try switching some of your cups of coffees to herbal tea. Green tea not only helps you relax it is a valuable source of antioxidants that will help boost your health and fight infection.

Try not to be impatient

Achieving a permanent cure for acne will not happen overnight. Allow enough time for your treatment and dietary changes to take effect. Even the strongest prescription treatments need around three months for it to take effect.

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